Fall & Winter Holidays Weddings

Why not let AVON make your holiday wedding an event to remember. Before you walk down the aisle why not give Avon another look to meet all your beauty needs from head to toes on your wedding day. Lets start with your face with Avon latest arrays of skincare products from Anew for your face. Holidays Weddings that happens around Thanksgiving and Christmas makes the best weddings in my opinion. Brides and Grooms who plan their wedding around this time see this as a great opportunity to bring both of their families together since families and friends are already gathering for the holidays. That makes Thanksgiving weekend, or the week between Christmas and New Year’s the perfect time to get married.

Or drench your skin in Anew Hydra Fusion Collection for a facial spa treatment.

Avon got you covered with its True Color Makeup Lines from foundations to powders, blushers, eyeshadows, mascaras, and lipsticks.

And last but not least lets get carry away with Avon’s array of bath & body and foot care products what a great combination.


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