AVON Worldwide The rise and rise of the beauty influencer

At Avon, beauty is democratic. The great quality, high-tech innovation is available to everyone through its global network of beauty entrepreneurs, and accessible prices. So, beauty influencers are part of Avon’s DNA. 

Long before the rise of Insta-famous influencers, Avon Representatives were demonstrating how to apply make-up, and sharing beauty hacks on customers’ doorsteps. Today is no different, but now, thanks to smart phones and social networks, Avon’s beauty entrepreneurs can do all this from the comfort of their own home. It means customers can also be great advocates, and influencers for Avon. 

But at Avon, we go deeper. 

Co-creation is a new way of thinking about formulating products and Avon believes it’s a vital way of working, for brands that want to create meaningful products. According to consumer insights company Millennial Marketing, 40% of millennials want to participate in co-creation of products and brands, while 70% feel a responsibility to share their feedback, whether good or bad, with a brand.

Avon is embracing this, as an emotionally-driven end-benefit will always be at the heart of Avon’s innovation. Lisa Gallo, Vice President Product Development at the Avon Innovation Centre says: “Hearing the emotional experiences of our consumer and reflecting them back to her through products and communications with her will be vital for sustaining meaningful relationships with our customers.” 

Avon believes that in the future, it will be essential not just to create products for consumers, but to co-create with them. Because put simply, everyone is a beauty influencer now.  She leaves comments on beauty posts.
She posts about her own products.
She recommends products to her friends online and offline. Avon has always been a collaborative environment, so this is the next step to continue to create genuine, lasting connections.

Holiday Weddings

So, Thanksgiving was two weeks ago and Christmas is just weeks away. Oh my, what’s a bride suppose to do? As a bride you might be having a rush of mixed emotions right about now, if your wedding day is during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year season!

Well, I had the opportunity this past weekend to attend my dashing nephew’s and his blushing bride wedding. The church ceremony was awesome and unique in itself that the bride and groom made the entire wedding guests as their maids of honor, best men, bridesmaids and groomsmen. What a fantastic idea I thought with no drama and stress free from having to choose people that you love to be in your wedding.

The reception was just simply fabulous at a gorgeous venue along with beautiful flowers, sumptuous food, and wonderful wedding guests.

Congratulations to the both of them for a lifetime of love and happiness!

AVON Worldwide

Avon the company for women…AVON Worldwide #AvonWorldwide

Avon Philippines launched a Pink Minute Campaign for #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth!

In October, iconic landmarks and buildings across Manila became beacons of the Pink Light, to remind women to take just one minute to check their breasts. #PinkLightProject

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Why you need a Fall and Winter Fragrance Wardrobe?

Brides it’s been said that a woman should find her go-to perfume by the time she’s 30 and then wear it for the rest of her life. That’s a romantic notion, sure, but if you ask Avon there’s something to be said about having a wardrobe of fragrances. A spritz of perfume is the easiest way to instantly enhance how you’re feeling that day — especially since fragrance is so closely tied to feelings and moods. Studies have shown that fragrance is the easiest way to evoke certain memories or feeling — so having a specific perfume for certain events can make those experiences so much richer.

In the summer, we love a fruity, sweet scent to match the weather, while spring tends to evoke a crisper, cleaner smell. We switch out our clothing every season. For us, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch out your perfume for different seasons or occasions, either. You wouldn’t wear your shorts in December. So why wear your fruity perfume in November? 

And now that the weather is turning cooler, and we are pulling on our cozy sweaters and comfortable coats, the mood calls for a more decadent fragrance. That’s why we here at Avon created  Velvet — a fragrance inspired by the sensuous touch of velvet. Spritzing this perfume on is like curling up into a gorgeously soft velvet sweater, which sounds like the perfect pairing for those crisp autumn evenings.


Created in partnership with a prestigious fragrance house, Velvet is a heady combination of sumptuous scents that will evoke the cozy feelings of fall and winter. Fruits, florals, vetiver, saffron, and velvet patchouli mingle together to create a scent you’ll want to wear in the chillier temperatures. “In the creation of this fragrance, I was very inspired by the luxurious softness of velvet, and the way the fabric shines in the light,” says perfumer Gabriela Chelariu. “I drew inspiration from the emotion of a first kiss — at once exhilarating and delicate. My idea was to bring to the forefront a new expression of sensuality by blending decadent and premium ingredients.”

Those decadent and premium ingredients are on full display in Velvet. A fruity top note of fig gives way to a mid note of rose, which Chelariu said she added for a luxurious indulgence that keeps you coming back. The base note, a velvet patchouli, balances out the sweet scents of fruits and florals, creating a balanced scent that is incredibly decadent, while also being seriously sensuous. 

We created Velvet with the sophisticated woman in mind, and wanted to give that woman the opportunity to experience luxury at an affordable price. At $30, Velvet costs much less than a typical department store perfume — but smells just as decadent. 

And we’ve made it so that your fragrance wardrobe doesn’t just have to stop at perfume. Velvet is also available in a body wash and body lotion, offering you the opportunity to layer your scents the same way you’d layer your clothing. Start with the Velvet Pearl Body Wash, then moisturize with the silky smooth Velvet Body Lotion, and finish with a spritz of your perfume. That ensures the warming scent of Velvet will stay with you all day long — even when the temperatures dip. 

Crisp, cold nights and chilly autumn and winter days call for an extra-special fragrance, which is why Velvet is a perfect addition to your cool-weather wardrobe. Wear it on those special fall or winter occasions — or whenever you want to get into the autumnal and winter festive mood. You already have your go-to fall and winter makeup shades. Why not add a go-to fall and winter fragrance to the mix?

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AVON Once Upon A Holiday

The holidays are coming! That time of the year when we think of our loved ones and make long gift-lists – it’s getting closer day by day! Have you thought of your wish list? For you and your beloved? If you haven’t, then you’re in the right place! This brochure offers lots of ideas for presents, and that’s not all! Skin and body products are also on special discount if you want to treat yourself too!

Avon True Color and Mark collection have many surprises for you and your perfect styling when the holidays come! You can also choose makeup gift sets for your friends, because Avon thinks of everything! And since the winter means a lot of cold days, you can find in this brochure the right equipment: soft pajamas, cozy sleepshirts, comfortable slippers, knit hats and scarves… Avon will give you everything you need for cold days with beautiful snowflakes!

Mark collection has novelties too, and you’ll find makeup and clothes that will make you uniquely beautiful in any special occasion! With Mark pop-out eyeshadows, black dresses, high glitter platform heels, purses, you will look fabulous at every party! Your favorite perfumes are also here, whether they’re for you or you’re planning them as a gift! Enjoy in preparing for holidays with Avon!

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From Bridal Salon Owner to Avon Representative

I would’ve never imagine myself a Retired Bridal Salon Owner transition to an Avon Representative…I loved making brides feel and look beautiful on their wedding day.

Well, I gets to continue to follow my passion in helping brides and other women feel and look beautifully on any occasion with Avon. Avon sells an arrays of skincare, color cosmetics, fragrance & personal care products, a fashion & accessory line, and now health & wellness products for women of all ages to take care of their beauty needs from head to toe.

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Let’s Talk Lipstick Colors For Every Kind Of Bride

So, you’ve got wedding planning out of the way, found the dress, veil, shoes, jewelry, and your wedding day beauty look. But one thing seems to be missing: your lip color for the big day. It’s safe to say lipstick serves as the finishing touch to a beautiful face, and for your wedding you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Unfortunately, there are so many for a bride to choose from—matte, semimatte, satin, gloss, lip stain—it could be difficult to zero in on a favorite. But you’re in luck, because Avon is here to help!

Finish off your bridal beauty look with some of Avon fabulous lip colors. Avon lipstick shades are the perfect fit for any kind of bride. Fall and Winter bride? Choose from our orange and red colors or our gorgeous berry colors for your Fall or Winter wedding. Spring and Summer bride? You have many options too. Avon many shades of pink and coral; even plum and purple colors. As you can see, Avon got you cover!